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January 2006

After having driven a truck (not a pickup truck but a truck which weighed up to 80,000 pounds.) it often occurred to me that drivers of cars ( 4 wheelers ) don't have a clue as to how to drive. How often have you, or have you seen someone, cut in front of an 18 wheeler with only a few feet between the vehicles? Doesn't anyone remember physics? Little cars, even the yup mobiles of SUV's, don't stand up too well to receiving an 80,000 pound enema! The impact will hurt. There is no question about it. You get hit by 80,000 pounds in the back end you will more than likely be taking a trip to the hospital for a few days/months, or a one way trip to talk with the worms. Why don't people respect these vehicles more? It makes no sense. Trucks are large, they take a lot of room to maneuver yet people driving in the vicinity try to squeeze next to them in a turn, drive on the side of them for long periods of time, or cut in front of the vehicles. Do you know how long it takes to safely stop 80,000 pounds moving at 55 MPH? It is just over 400 feet! At 30 MPH the safe stopping distance is just under 200 feet! Remember, you must allow for the time it takes for the brain to acknowledge the action needed as well as the time for the brakes to be applied. Air brakes do not activate immediately like you car brakes activate. When you depress the brake pedal it could take 1/2 to 1 second before the brakes actually start slowing down the vehicle. At 55 miles per hour, the vehicle is traveling at about 80 feet per second! Let the driver of a car get into an accident and they cry to momma that the truck was in their way and that something should be done about trucks and truck drivers. I submit that that the United States government should do something about automobile drivers. Make strict regulations regarding who can drive, heavier fines for stupid maneuvers on the road. If you cause an accident by forcing a truck off the road or, because the driver did not want to kill you, cause the driver to hit another vehicle or object, you should permanently lose your driving privileges. Remember, driving an automobile is a PRIVILEGE, not a right. Nowhere in the constitution does it say that you have the right to drive!

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