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My Truck! How fun it is....

I ordered my truck in April of 1999. It was supposed to take 6 to 8 weeks for delivery according to the Dodge dealer. To our surprise, Chrysler put it together in three weeks. What a dream. The truck rode very nice, better than a lot of cars. The spacious interior is covered with leather. Loaded with all but the CD stereo option (as well as the steering wheel volume control), the truck was ready to go.

Initially I had few problems with the vehicle. The normal problems expected, bugs here and there. I added a few upgrades to the truck, Rhino Liner to protect the bed, an aluminum bed cover from Dodge, an alarm system with remote start, a car phone kit for a cell phone, you know - the necessities.

It wasn't long before I replaced the stock Goodyear RTS tires with real Light Truck Goodyear ATS tires. That opened a can of worms that Dodge apparently didn't see coming. Go figure they would design a truck that would not be adjustable for light truck tires. The electronics couldn't be adjusted for the 1.5" larger diameter tires! This threw off the transmission timing for shifting, etc. What a joke. Dodge couldn't fix it! I found a third party that could remedy the dodge short sightedness. SuperLift makes a device called TruSpeed which compensates for Dodge' shortcoming.

I am adding a maintenance section for one main reason. If you own a car (new or used) and take it in for service, watch the people who take care of your vehicle. I had a problem with a number of Dodge Dealers. The codes they put on the receipt are very vague and differ from dealer to dealer. If you have a dispute in the future, Dodge dealers play dumb.

The truck misfired on the highway. I drove it to the dealer that I purchased it from right away. I was actually driving near the dealer. When I stopped in, the rocket scientist hooked the truck up to the computer and came back to tell me it misfired! What was his first clue? The idiot light on the dash? Or maybe that I just told him it misfired! Well, he said bring the truck back in in two days, it could be the plugs or a plug wire. I got 150 miles down the road and guess what? Another misfire!

I lost an engine because of some dodge dealer flunky that didn't change the spark plugs during a scheduled maintenance earlier in the year. The dealer claims the vehicle wasn't brought in for the maintenance. I have the receipts , but the "Codes" didn't match. Convenient isn't it?

I love my truck but have learned a valuable lesson... NEVER AGAIN DODGE OR A DODGE DEALER OR CHRYSLER PRODUCT!

Have you ever seen a dodge dealer that wasn't a 5 star dealership?

And the dealership personnel take pride in being a 5 star dealership. What a joke! Maybe they should open there eyes and look around!

Well, so much for this intro. Enjoy the site. If you see anything you like, dislike, or don't have anything else to do, use the contact selection above or below and send me an email.

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