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Life is like a box of chocolates...

...it happens!

Check out my Soapbox. This is an area that I get on every once in a while to let you know how I feel. One thing about the soapbox is that when you give your two cents about something, you need to make sure you can survive on the change! ... Go to my Soapbox

Geothermal HVAC

I now have a Geothermal HVAC System in my home. 2005 is a treat getting used to this different method of heating and cooling. There is some learning to be done. Check out my Geothermal HVAC page. I have some pictures of the installation as well as information about the system and how it is operating. I have included charts that show my electric and gas usage for the last 5 years and the current usage with the new system... Go to the Geothermal HVAC page.

Earth Temperature

I have temperature sensors buried in the ground every foot starting at 1 foot and ending at 11 feet. Ever wondered what the temperature values are in the ground? I was curious. If no one questioned popular belief at the time, we would still think the earth is flat! Go to the Temperature of the Earth page.

Welcome to Duanesworld

I hope you enjoy your time here. This page is about things that I have done, things that I am doing, and things that I am thinking about. Which might be a lot, or it might be just a little. You decide. But, it is my soapbox so I'll just do it.

My first attempt at this site was a rather cumbersome collection of pages. They used a lot of bandwidth and took forever to load with a dial up modem. Snail mail was almost faster. I have since left out the jumbo pictures until I have time to get a better handle on that area.

Well, so much for this intro. Enjoy the site. If you see anything you like, dislike, or don't have anything else to do, use the contact selection above or below and send me an email.


* Depot is a Black Cat.

* Couldn't tell if I didn't tell you huh?

* She was found abandoned and left out in the cold one below zero February day in a Home Depot parking lot.

* I adopted her, a wonderful addition in my world. Best guess from the Vet was that she was 8 weeks old when found.

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